Torin Crow Ingham / Tracy Ingham

The Placer Series

About the novel

The Authors

Torin Crow Ingham is a 20 year old college graduate, machinist and metal worker. His passion is anything regarding military history. When he's not working or playing the occasional online game, you can find him sitting behind his laptop writing.

Tracy Ingham, Torin's father, has been a carpenter, world recognized photo-realist oil painter and published poet. For more than 20 years he has written about the adventures of Placer in short stories.

Together, the two of them have brought order to the chaos of Placer's world and introduced it to the light of day in the first of a four book series.

Second Rain


After careful consideration, we've decided to rewrite, re-edit and re-release Second Rain under our own publishing label. 

When we're done, it will be the kind of book we should have released, priced where we want it priced and without the constraints of a third party.

We're going to make it better.

What's Next


Book #1 begins the adventure in the depths of space. 

Book #2, Third Insight, brings the story back home to Placer's world, Taurus.

When enemies attack him on his doorstep, Placer finds himself having to deal with many new threats. Insurgents trying to end the peace on Taurus. A crime boss who wants his son back and a woman sent to kill one of them. The question is, which one?

Could the loss of someone dear to him change the way he sees the world, or solidify his already hardened view of it?

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